Martin Amidu's 26 list of cases authentic; he will strike soon - Baako

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Comment: M.Amidu 26 cases autenthic

.Nii Nii
2019-05-22 20:34:14
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Martin Amidu's 26 list of sases authentic; he will

The Npp is so scared that they are doing everything to be in power. The signs of desperation is too much.Closing down radio stations,the threatening of political opponents,the killing of journalists and trying so hard to put the opposition members in jail etc will not let u win an election. U will rather fail because the people are seeing everythingTrying so hard to rig the election too will not help.
THE NPPs desperation is too visible. Everybody is seeing it The corruption in the Npp is unpresidented and they STEAL SO BOLDLY without conscience. From the President down are all thieves.
No matter how they try ,they will loose 2020.
This same Martin Amidu will put u folks in jail.
Mark it.

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Efo Yao on May 22, 2019 09:22
.Nii Nii on May 22, 2019 20:34
M.Amidu 26 cases autenthic