Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for blowing over US$7.5m EC cash

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Comment: Re: You can,t divert attentions. Fools

2019-06-24 10:48:27
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You can,t divert attentions. Fools

No wonder you support the NDC. No sensible person from a decent home and proper upbringing will writes such trash about a sitting president. Thank God NDC and some of it's foolish supporters like you are chilling in opposition and you will surely be there for a very long time. Go and listen to the many graduates and trainee nurses on NABCO and listen to their relief due to this policy, no longer forming unemployed Graduates association. I can't wait to see who will will be attending your so called foolish "Kum ye preko" demonstration. After that demo you will see what Ghanaians really think of you lot. And you wonder why Civil society and pastors etc. are not speaking against the government. Idiot.

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PK on Jun 24, 2019 10:48
Re: You can,t divert attentions. Fools