Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for blowing over US$7.5m EC cash

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Comment: Re: Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for ove

2019-06-24 13:51:49
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Re: Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for ove

You are living in our country and you call us monkeys right then you might be a chimpanzee! kwaseampanin, go and find work to do in your Togo country and leave our country alone! we are now going to be tough on you ECOWAS immigrants who are misbehaving in our country! send your Charlotte Osei with her lucky lips to Calabbar /Nigeria that is
where she belongs not Ghana. Lady Jean is authentic Ghanaian and no matter what you people filled with hate will say will stop her from serving her God given country! mmoa! This is our country that our ancestors established for us! ECOWAS NATIONALS MUST LEAVE OUR COUNTRY NOW! politics is also only for Ghanaians ! mo nkwaseasem no !

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NDC IS SATANIC on Jun 24, 2019 13:51
Re: Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for ove