Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for blowing over US$7.5m EC cash

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Comment: 16 old accused of 10gh jailed 40yrs

Francis Kyei
2019-06-24 15:45:49
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Auditor-General ‘nails’ Charlotte Osei for ove

If an under aged (16yrs)allegedly stole 10gh and was jailed 40 years....he has already served 10 years....how long should an over aged Charlotte Osei who intentionally stole 7.5 millions dollars spend in prison....please let the mathematicians help. Her great grandchildren should be made to server the remaining years if the yrs will be more than she will live.......is about 8million years in prison

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Francis Kyei on Jun 24, 2019 15:45
16 old accused of 10gh jailed 40yrs