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You’ll never be an MP – Rachel Appoh to Oye Lithur

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Comment: Re: Your mother and sisters are the harlots!

2019-08-28 05:46:08
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Your mother and sisters are the harlots!

Author: Kwadaso. .......... Why can't John Dramani Mahama tell the truth and admit to his real shortfalls? His major shortfall is not being able to sell his policies because there was nothing to sell. That is why his administration opted instead to go on attack anytime someone asked questions or disagreed with them. They spent a lot of time weaving sophisticated scams and lies to enrich themselves at the expense of the nation. Rawlings saw the Healthcare state in our country and sought for help from wherever he could find it, the Cubans among others helped.Ku4 expanded that approach and started training healthcare professionals on a massive scale with the help of the Cubans. For the first time ever in Ghana not only did we have enough Doctors and Nurses but services such as ambulances became available to all citizens.Mahama's government must answer for the national healthcare scheme.

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OLD SOLDIER on Aug 28, 2019 05:46
Re: Your mother and sisters are the harlots!