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Corruption, hardship will kick out NPP in 2020 – Baba Jamal

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Comment: Baba, you are dreaming/joking!!!

2019-09-02 23:39:15
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Corruption, hardship will kick out NPP in 2020 –

Baba, who is more corrupt than you and your NDC cohorts? Look at the way and manner you people duped the nation and mismanaged the economy when you people were in power. The gargantuan corruption, thievery, chop chop, create-loot-and-share that engulfed you people. You think Ghanaians are stupid or fools to vote you people back into power again to come and destroy the good works that this current government is doing? You are dreaming/joking. You people, including your leader JDM are all completely visionless. You people will lose massively and miserably in 2020.

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Rhandy on Sep 2, 23:39
Baba, you are dreaming/joking!!!