Ghana’s law an ‘enabler of corruption’ – Nana Oppong

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Comment: Nana, the legal system is itself corrupt

2019-12-21 10:05:34
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Ghana’s law an ‘enabler of corruption’ – N

When legality is determined by authority, whatever is done under that frame work will not succeed. Our legal system itself is corrupt, so what would the citizens council achieve when it is the corrupt judge who would determine what is legal and what is not.
The roadside police office is collecting drivers' licences because if he arraigns an offending driver to the courts, the magistrate would invite the driver into his home to settle the matter before the court sits.
These days, when a complainant accosts an armed robber and hands him over to the police, it has become the complainant's responsibility to feed the arrested criminal throughout the period the person is in police cells! How can such a system help the citizens.
All responsibility should be seen to lie with our legal system. Akuffo Addo cannot succeed in implementing any of his many pledges if our legal system is still the corrupt department it is. We aere in deep trouble!

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Citizen on Dec 21, 2019 10:05
Nana, the legal system is itself corrupt