Ghana’s law an ‘enabler of corruption’ – Nana Oppong

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2019-12-21 21:16:58
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Re: Ghana’s law an ‘enabler of corruption’ – N

There is no law in Ghana. In fact, Ghana is a lawless nation. A country where judges are fantastically corrupt to the marrow is bound to be a lawless country. Criminals now operate with impunity because they are the law. In fact, the judges are on their pay list. As if that is not enough, the police are their middle men. Just image a thief like Yaw Osafo Marfo running to court when he was caught in the act and surcharge. Because he knows those corrupt npp judges would use technicalities to exonerate him. We are waiting for that judge. All we want is our one million dollar and nothing more. Look at Akufo Addo and his family members? They steal without shame. God have mercy!

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William on Dec 21, 2019 21:16