Asamoah Gyan joins coronavirus education and donation on the streets of Accra

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2020-03-28 04:31:49
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Asamoah Gyan joins coronavirus education and donat

No one is saying there is no virus...the virus is in every country in the world but my question is that, those they claimed died in Ghana they should proved evidence, the persons name, which hospital,nurses who treated them,Doctors who treated them, where the person from and the people they have contact with...doing this will provide something or evidence and everyone in contact with that person will be tested..you don't just say they said someone died in Accra so is Coronavirus so in Ghana people are dying..no proof or evidence .Europe and America with good health facilities are struggling to contain the virus and is spreading or the numbers are doubling up every hour..so if this virus in Ghana by now 5 million people should have it.

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