Today in History: Formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

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Comment: China is a single country.

2020-05-25 16:57:36
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You cannot compare China under Chairman Mao to that Africa and her quest for unity. Africa can't unite under a single leader. It cannot happen and there are lot of reasons to support that. In Ghana, are we that united? Recently, we heard of a group that is demanding to secede to form Western Togoland so, to use this small example, why do you think the entire continent of Africa can unite under a single leader? Let's be frank with ourselves.

Nkrumah and those leader who form that OAU, did that under some quack pretense because deep down the road, they know it is not possible. In 1963, how many countries in Africa, were still under colonization and how do you include those countries still under colonial clutches?

We have to be fair and rather blame those who formed that OAU because they were pushed by some black folks in the US under the guise of Pan-African ideology. What is Pan-African anyway? For United Africa to be strong, we have to develop our individual countries to some extent and understand what comes with that AU before joining together.

As we speak, have we asked why Britain is leaving the EU? Why is Britain, a founding member of the EU is leaving? Europe is a small continent with some advance democracy so, why is Britain leaving?

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Pelicles. on May 25, 2020 16:57