Today in History: Formation of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU)

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Comment: What message are you talking about?

2020-05-25 18:45:14
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Mr. Ohemeng, you live in London and my question to you is, why is Britain leaving the EU? Just give me one example. Telling me that Nkrumah has a message to unite Africa at that time in our history, is a nothing more then a political gimmick. Why?

How many countries were independent at that time and how can he kick the colonial masters off the continent? How can he do that? With arms or what? Gathering some leaders together at that time to formulate some policies is meaningless.

There is no way the continent of Africa, can unite at that time. Somewhere this year, we heard some group in Ghana were aggitating to secede to form a new nation called "Western Togoland" and how can a huge continent unite at that time that the colonial powers were deep on the continent? By 1963, how many countries in Africa were still under colonial clutches and how do you include these countries in the Union?

How can Nkrumah do that and please, answer my question about Britain leaving the EU.

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Pelicles. on May 25, 2020 18:45
What message are you talking about?