Atta Mills’ Tomb Brouhaha: Let’s be sensitive not to hurt emotions of the family – Osei Yeboah

Osei Yeboah.png Eastern Regional Communications Director of the ruling NPP, Evans Osei Yeboah

Fri, 22 Jul 2022 Source: kasapafmonline.com

The Eastern Regional Communications Director of the ruling New Patriotic Party, Evans Osei Yeboah has advised his colleague communicators to be mindful not to hurt the emotions of the family of late President John Evans Atta Mills following issues surrounding his tomb.

According to Osei Yeboah who is popularly known as Chooboi, this is a delicate issue that communicators must be sensitive to handling but firmly debunked any shred of propaganda of the NDC directed at causing disaffection for the government.

In a statement available to Agoo news, Osei Yeboah (Chooboi) outlined eleven (11) reasons why he believes the NDC's intention to cause disaffection for the government has no basis.

He writes:


This is a delicate issue that Communicators must be sensitive to handling so as not to hurt the emotions of the family but firmly debunk any shred of propaganda of the NDC directed at causing disaffection for the government.

Facts of the Matter

1. Coastal Development Authority (CODA) has refurbished the Asomdwoe Park.

2. CODA undertook this initiative on the basis that;

a. As a statesman and former President of the Republic, the tomb of Attah Mills must be maintained, renovated, and given a facelift periodically as a sign of respect for the memory of the deceased and appreciation of his service to the country.

b. The tomb of the late Atta Mills can be turned into a tourist site for not only revenue purposes but the preservation of the memory of the deceased. Communicators should cite the tomb of Nelson Mandela that generates millions of US dollars for the State and the family of Nelson Mandela annually; the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and memorial park; Washington’s tomb in the US etc.

3. CODA has refuted the claim that it has desecrated the body of the late former president John Evans Atta Mills.

4. CODA has denied tampering with the tomb of the former president. John Evans Atta Mills. The brother of the late president, Samuel Atta Mills had accused both CODA and the former aide to former President Mills, Samuel Koku Anyidoho of tampering with the tomb without recourse to the family. However, CODA rejected his claim in a statement signed by its Chief Executive Officer of CODA, Jerry Ahmed.

5. Communicators must remind Ghanaians that the Asomdwe Park was not properly constructed by the NDC according to Koku Anyifoho.

6. There was a comprehensive master plan to construct the park to conform to international standards and unveil it to Ghanaians during the 1st Anniversary of the late Mills. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen under the NDC administration.

7. The NDC abandoned the Asomdwe Park for it to rot. And that shows their hatred and disrespect for the late Mills and his memory.

8. it’s the NPP government that commenced the implementation of the comprehensive master plan to give a massive facelift to the Asomdwoe Park.

9. Communicators should underscore forcefully that the NDC has no moral right to question the government over its good intentions relative to the renovation of the Asomdwe Park.

10. Communicators should admonish the family and Ghanaians to be wary of the NDC who are clearly using the brothers of the late Mills to score cheap political points.

11. Emphasis must be placed on the point that the tomb/ body of the late Mills has not been touched.

Thank you

Evans Osei Yeboah TSOOBOI

ER. Communication Director

Source: kasapafmonline.com