Politics Thu, 13 Nov 2008

Dr Bawumia goes back to school

The saying that “there is no place like home”, come readily to mind as Dr Bawumia visited the premises of the beginning to is literacy.

The nostalgia which one experiences any time they visit or the see school children from their former schools revisited itself with all the thrills it brings when the New Patriotic Party, vice presidential candidate Dr Mahamudu Bawumia visited Sakasaka Primary and Tamale Secondary Schools when he started his education some years back.

During his tour to the Tamale Metropolis, Dr Bawumia made a visit to these schools to experience at first hand situations pertaining there. During his first point of call which was the Sakasaka Primary, he interacted with the head teachers, teachers and school children of the school who took turns to explain their problems to him and his team.

The NPP’s number to man promised to take personal interest in the school and made a donation of footballs and an amount of GH¢1000 for a Christmas party for the school children.

He advised, the students be obedient to their teachers since they hold the key to their success. He also told them to take their academic studies serious and bear in mind that no matter where one started school they can make it in life. From there, Dr Bawumia also took time off his busy schedules to interact with students of Tamale Secondary where he told the students about the difficult times he had in school, because there was no electricity and running water. “These difficulties not withstanding, all the people in my time in this school and class worked hard and many of us if not all have reached higher heights in what ever agenda we decided to pursue”, he charged.

The vice presidential candidate also visited the Nurses Training Collage of Tamale where he articulated some of the fetes his party has achieved in the health sector which included the National Health Insurance Scheme and the number of health post which have been constructed in and around the country. He also mentioned that health professionals in Ghana, are the second best well paid in Africa coming right after South Africa.

“though we have chalked much successes in the health sector within the short period we have been in office , much needs to be done that is why we have decided to offer special allowances for health personnel who get posted to rural areas so that we can have a decentralized health system at all levels”. “human capital is key to the development of this nation that is why we are not dealing with just health post and hospitals, we will also improve sanitation and water problems of the country so that people will not always fall sick and just attend hospital, because if that happens then we will have problems” he further added. GOD BLESS YOU
Source: Adisa Lansah