It won’t be easy to stop Anyidoho's Atta-Mills Institute – Cadman Mills

Dr Cadman Atta Mills 10 Cadman Atta Mills, head of the Mills family

Fri, 29 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Cadman Atta Mills, brother of late president John Evans Atta Mills, has stated that his brother was a respecter of all persons and would not accept disrespect in any form.

It is for this reason that he recently announced that the Mills family was taking steps to stop the use of his name to denigrate elders and serve the ulterior interests of some groups and individuals.

Cadman Mills said the family was exploring all available legal means to stop the unrecognized Atta-Mills Institute, AMI, led by Koku Anyidoho – a one-time aide of the late President.

He admits that it won’t be easy to stop Anyidoho from operating but added that the family was exploring two angles to keep Anyidoho from misusing the name of his brother.

"It (stopping AMI) is not going to be easy, it is not going to be easy,” he stated at a 10th-anniversary commemorative event held earlier this week.

He went on to joke about wanting to employ the services of lawyer Tsatsa Tsikata, a celebrated legal luminary, “in fact Tsatsu, I thought of making a call to you to be part of the team but I am told that your record with the current judiciary is not very good.

Tsikata was the keynote speaker at the event organized by the John Evans Atta Mills Memorial Heritage.

"Finally, we will not just simply rely on the courts, I will like therefore to make an appeal to the court of public opinion which I think is the only court worthwhile," Cadman added.

Whiles some people have wondered how the family can use the courts to stop Anyidoho from using the name of his former boss to run a Non-Governmental Organization, NGO, the AMI CEO seems ready to let the family have their way without the legal route.

“There will be a Koku Anyidoho Institute (KAI), to work for President Atta-Mills," he stated in a July 26 tweet.

Responding more directly to the threat, he issued a second tweet which read: "Because of my deep respect for President Atta-Mills, I shall have no fight with the Cadman Atta-Mills and Sammy Atta-Mills. Let them live with their SHAME. Koku Anyidoho Institute will keep the legacy of President Atta-Mills alive. To God Almighty be the glory.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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