NDC is finished - Nana Boakye

Ndc Logo1 Nana Boakye said the NDC is on the brink of collapse

Sun, 13 Aug 2017 Source: GNA

A leading member of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Tema West, Mr Dennis Amfo-Sefa, says the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is on the brink of collapse

'The collapse of every civilization does not happen from outside, but happens from within. If you see what is going on in the NDC now, it is nothing but evidence of the fact that the party is collapsing. The NDC is finished!'.

Mr. Dennis Amfo Sefa, popularly called Chairman Nana Boakye, the NPP activist had been commenting on the current impasse within the NDC in which leading members of the party are caught in a circuit of blame and condemnation.

The saga revolves around a chain reaction that has been sparked by a caustic article that a former Deputy Chief of Staff in the erstwhile John Mahama administration, Dr. Valerie Sawyerr, wrote in reaction to incessant criticism of the party's Founder and a former Attorney General.

In that article, Dr. Valerie Sawyerr takes former President Jerry Rawlings and Martin Amidu to the cleaners, accusing them of hypocrisy and self-righteousness.

In reaction, Martin Amidu published a rejoinder in which he calls Dr. Sawyerr several names.

'The crossfire of criticisms in that party is nothing but a symptom of the deep rift that exists in the party. Valerie is a Mahama girl, her daring criticism of the Founder of the party was obviously sanctioned by some big godfathers who sympathise with Former President Mahama.

'Her criticisms of Martin Amidu, was in reaction to Mr. Amidu's persistent criticism of John Mahama and his government. So in reprisal, John Mahama who could not face Rawlings and Amidu would be happy to see Valerie defend his honour,' Chairman Nana Boakye said.

He said the caustic exchanges in the biggest opposition party has seen some powerful communicators take the side of President Rawlings.

According to him, the NDC would have survived the post-election Tsunami, but Valerie Sawyerr's caustic attack has scuttled earlier attempts by the party to reconcile their founder to the party.

He said a couple of months back, the NDC had organized a trip to the home of former President Rawlings in an effort to attract their estranged founder back to the party.

'However, several weeks later, at a 25th anniversary of the party in Ashiaman, the former President had given the conditionality that for the NDC to chart a way forward, the party's current crop of leaders must be changed.

And as everybody was looking forward to conciliatory overtures from both President Rawlings and the Mahama factions, Dr. Valerie Sawyerr detonated her bombshell on Rawlings and Amidu. I don't see how the so called reconciliation process that was started some few weeks ago can continue. It is over. The NDC is finished,' he said.

Source: GNA