3 African male artistes who have been sexually harassed on stage

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Mon, 28 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Musician exits stage after fan held his balls

Musicians endure sexual harassment from patrons

Concerns raised about security of artistes on stage

A lot of eyebrows have been raised and many jaws have dropped to instances of male sexual harassment because too often, it is believed that women are the only victims.

The African entertainment industry in recent times has witnessed the rampant and pervasive trend of male artistes being sexually abused especially during their performances on stage.

Throwing a spotlight on these unsolicited sexual advances that usually occur on stage, social media have had the opportunity to witness such moments captured in videos that have gone viral.

In all such instances, artistes have either expressed their disgust or maintained a calm composure.

Let's take a look at some male artistes who have been sexually harassed on stage

Casper Nyovest

Sometime in 2018, popular South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest, was caressed by some ‘thirsty women’ while performing on stage at an unidentified concert.

These women dipped their hands inside his shorts just to feel his penis at a time he moved closer to the audience to perform.


The 22-year-old Nigerian singer was assaulted by a female fan midway through his performance on stage.

The ‘Dior’ hitmaker was infuriated by the overbearing fan who inappropriately reached for his penis midway through his performance.

Unclear where the incident took place, Rugger was displeased with what ensued and for that matter, decided to cut short his performance. He angrily walked off stage.


Sometime in October 2021, the Ghanaian singer was performing at a concert in Kenya and was harassed by a female fan who couldn’t hide her excitement.

The Kenyan lady stormed the stage from the crowd and began to ‘dry hump’ KiDi from behind.

Although one could clearly tell that the Touch it’ hitmaker appeared confused, he maintained a calm composure throughout until the security intervened.

Afterwards, shared a snippet of the video with the caption; ‘This was not what I had in mind’.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com