5 iconic telenovela women that 90s Ghanaians can never forget

Telenovelawoman.png Maura Seoane was one of the main characters in 'Storm Over Paradise'

Sun, 30 Jan 2022 Source: braperucci.africa

Show by hand if you remember Rosalinda? That telenovela was so bizarre and out of pocket with drama.

That grip was so hard to an extent Ghanaian ladies had a particular skirt named 'Rosalinda'!

Truly, it was an era. The 90s and the 2000s gave us telenovelas that shaped a generation.

From TV3’s Esmeralda to Viasat 1’s Tormenta en el Paraiso (Storm Over Paradise), these telenovelas gave some of the most iconic characters you could ever view on TV.

Most of them were women characters.

Here are 5 iconic telenovela women that 90s Ghanaians can never forget.

1. Fatima Linares (Esmeralda)

The OG relationship terrorist. And her motive? Money. They don’t say it is the root of evil for nothing. She wanted to marry her daughter Graciela off to Jose Armando cause of the l’argent.

2. Paola (La usurpadora)

This lady right here will show you! Gabriela Spanic's perfect role as Paulina and Paola in this movie is worthy of study. Slay Queens, get your pens and pocketbooks, watch and learn.

3. Ricarda Thompson (The Woman of My Life)

What sort of mother wrecks a son’s happiness like this one? None can compare! This woman makes all the decisions for her son.

4. Carlotica (Juana la Virgen)

Miss 'I-Want-It-My-Way-or-No-Way'. We cannot be mad at her really. You’d be just as wicked if your husband’s last fertile sperm was pumped into some teenage girl from nowhere.

5. Maura Seoane (Tormenta en el paraiso AKA Storm Over Paradise)

This woman was literally the storm blowing over that telenovela’s paradise. She played the villain role perfectly to an extent that she got cancer and still could not bother to turn a good leaf. I’m sorry, but Ghana's 'Kyeiwaa' needs to take two seats. This character is extremely worse.

Source: braperucci.africa