6 Chinese arrested for assaulting Ghanaian worker at Awutu Bosom Abena

Sat, 1 Feb 2020 Source: Kasapa FM

Six Chinese nationals have been arrested by the Awutu Bereku District Police Command for assaulting a 40-year-old Ghanaian employee, Baba Amadu at Awutu Bosom Abena in the Central Region.

The victim is battling for his life after he was handcuffed, hanged on a tree and brutalized till he started vomiting blood.

Baba Amadu, a worker at the J. F Stone quarry owned by the Chinese nationals narrated to Kasapa New Yaw Boagyan that a supervisor ordered him to offload stones to one of the machines not knowing that one Chinese man was wielding a damaged part of the machine.

According to him, the Chinese man came out of the machine and he informed his other colleagues and he was sacked immediately.

“I was called back today to come and continue my work, upon reaching the yard, the Chinese men who had ambushed the compound handcuffed me, hanged me on a tree, fired a warning shot close to my eyes and beat me mercilessly till I went unconscious,” he narrated.

The senior brother of the victim, Kweku Gyatey expressed fear that his brother could die any moment from now because he is having internal bleeding as well as vomiting blood.

Meanwhile, the Chinese suspects have been arrested by Awutu Beraku District Police Command.

Source: Kasapa FM
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