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6 Ghanaian musicians with a taste for expensive jewelry

• There are a host of Ghana musicians with a taste for luxury

• These artistes invest huge sums of money in their jewelry

• Their collections are usually customised by their designers

It is very common for top artistes to make a public appearance in designed jewellery. Just name it, from diamond necklaces and rings to expensive wristwatches, they have got it!

A lot goes into looking “iced-out”, as these artiste spend millions of cedis on their customized jewellery which usually comes in their name or initials.

Just like most popular international artistes who spend a fortune on their accessories, there is a host of Ghanaian musicians who owe a collection of precious stones.

Although some of them quote huge amounts for their necklace or wristwatches, some have been implicated in rocking fake pieces of jewellery but whatever the case may be, their love for gems never ceases

Below is a list of some Ghanaian artistes with a taste for jewellery:


They say less is more, although Sarkodie doesn't over accessories, he has a taste for quality.

As he loves to put it "money no bi problem."

Know by many as Ghana's best rapper, Sarkodie, is among musicians who pay attention to details. He has appeared in several music videos all iced-up.

Shatta Wale

The list cannot be complete without the SM Boss, Shatta Wale.

This dancehall musician always makes an appearance in multiple diamond necklaces. Favourite among his collection is the "SM4LYF" necklace which he wears with pride.

Shatta Wale in several instances has given a hint of how much it costs him for his "blink-blinks."


The Sowutuom rapper is all about his drip, yes, Medikal always appear fly!

The rapper earlier this year showed a receipt for a necklace that he purchased at Ice Box for over $60,000. MDK as he is popularly called has spent huge sums of money on his customised necklaces.


When it comes to dripping in 'ice', Stonebwoy understands the assignment.

This dancehall musician can boast of a wide range of collections from necklaces to rings.

Criss Waddle

Apart from cars, rapper Criss Waddle has a love for luxury pieces of jewelry as he has been spotted rocking expensive wristwatches and necklaces.

He is among the music industry's biggest jewelry connoisseurs.


The CEO of Black Avenue Music, D-Black is definitely making it to the list of Ghanaian musicians with a taste for expensive jewelery.

From his gold and diamond necklaces to his gold-plated wristwatches, D-Black loves luxury.

He is not just the 'Enjoyment Minister' but also an Ice Daddy.
Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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