6 popular butt enhancement procedures gaining prominence in Ghana

BBL KNIFE.png The desire for a bigger butt is becoming common among most Ghanaian females

Wed, 16 Jun 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• The desire for a bigger butt is becoming more popular among Ghanaian women in recent times

• According to research most women, indulge in these procedures to boost their self-esteem and make them more attractive

• However, there are some risks associated with some of these procedures

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, it is no doubt that butt augmentation has become the fastest-growing procedure in plastic surgery, with the number of procedures performed doubling in recent times.

Ghana is no exception when it comes to these practices, as buttocks enhancement procedures have become increasingly popular among women in recent times.

Although there is a lot to consider before signing up for these methods, including cost, recovery, and overall health risks, it still doesn’t deter these women from indulging in such procedures.

Perhaps, this is where the popular saying; ‘Beauty is pain’ comes to bear.

Why these butt enhancement procedures have gained popularity in Africa, particularly Ghana

Most women from this part of the world are naturally ‘thick, fleshy’ and curvy looking which takes a lot to maintain, in terms of weight.

In this regard, some women assign a lot of importance to the evenness of their body parts, particularly the buttocks to make them look more attractive.

Most especially, women who have struggled with weight, indulge in these butt-lifting procedures to prevent being body-shamed, what Ghanaians mostly refer to as ‘kosrokob)’.

They somewhat believe that when a woman’s body proportions are more evened out, it provides a higher sense of self-confidence about her overall appearance.

With that said, let’s take a look at some popular butt enhancement methods embraced by some Ghanaian women:

The Brazilian Butt Lift, BBL, method

Wondering how it got such a name?

It is believed that ‘shapely buttocks’ are synonymous with the women of Brazil. Due to this, the procedure has been named after them for its goal. Mostly, the ideal shape and preference cited by patients who go through these procedures are those of Brazilian or South American heritage.

Named as the fastest-growing cosmetic surgery in the world at large, BBL has become predominant among Ghanaian women in recent times. The surgery has been made popular by some female Ghanaian celebrities, two public personalities who have admitted to fixing their butt are; Moesha Buodong and Ghanaian singer Nana Frema Koranteng.

Unlike before, the fear associated with the procedure has reduced.

During a Brazilian butt lift, fat is drawn from other parts of the body (liposuction), after which it is purified, processed, and then reinserted into the buttocks/glutes to enhance it.

Despite its usefulness to some women, research has identified it as the leading cause of death in aesthetic surgery. This is due to the pain, excessive bleeding, post-mortem fat usually found in the heart, lungs and gluteal blood vessels after surgery etc.

Progesterone injections

Another common butt lifting procedure among Ghanaian women these days is the adoption of progesterone shots. These hormones are introduced into the butt to increase its size. The number of shots taken per session determines how bigger the butt gets.

It is believed that progesterone aside being the main pro-gestational steroid hormone secreted by the female reproductive system, also enhances fat gain. So these hormones are introduced into the butt to increase the fat in that particular area.

Vacuum therapy

Unlike the Brazilian butt lift, vacuum therapy (also known as vacuotherapy) is non-invasive and is usually performed without the use of cuts, surgeries. Vacuum butt therapy is a massaging technique that helps lift and contour the buttocks via a suction device equipped with glass cups.

After a mini massage, two small suction cups are moved over the thigh and buttocks area, manipulating the tissue, then two larger suction cups are sealed over each side of the butt for approximately 30 minutes.

The process is said to break down and shift fat deposits to the backside which tones, smoothens, firms and lifts it. Studies say, one session is the equivalent of 1,500 squats.

Wood Therapy

Wooden Therapy is a process of contouring the body, particularly the butt without harming the skin or tissue. Each Wooden instrument used has a specific role for a particular area of the body.

The practice is used in toning, reducing and eliminating stored fat in different parts of your body. Using the wooden instruments, the fat from other parts of the body is usually pushed into the butt.

Most people who fear surgery procedures resort to this particular procedure as it is another way of lifting the butt without going through pain. It’s also less expensive.

Seasoning cubes

Yes you read right! Seasoning cubes.

It is believed that some African women these days resort to the use of food seasoning, particularly ‘maggi cubes’ as a butt enhancement concoction.

The practice which started in Congo and then Nigeria is gradually creeping into Ghana.

The maggi cube which is meant for cooking is either used as a suppository or mixed with chicken stock mixture which is directly injected by women into their butt.

Given the health hazards involved in this practice, awareness campaigns have been conducted and several Ghanaian doctors have warned against such practice and the dangers involved.

Creams and pills

The introduction of butt enhancement pills and creams for having a perfect butt has become common in Ghana, particularly on social media. There have been an influx of all sorts of unregulated drugs on social media with high patronage from women, particularly the desperate ones.

In the quest for a bigger and fuller butt, these women opt for these products which help increase the production of fatty tissue in the targeted area where they are applied or administered.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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