Music Fri, 20 May 2022

Afrobeast spreads party fever on booming ‘Shuperu’

Ghanaian dance sensation, Afrobeast shares his latest single ‘Shuperu’ and it’s a delightful tune bursting with infectious dance energy.

It promises to be the next big song to seize the airwaves.

Produced by DopeNation, ‘Shuperu’ has all the essence of a true monster sound.

Its bass and mood are simply out of this world, so much so that you’d be subconsciously doing the star’s signature dance, ‘Guda’ before you even know it. Above all, it has great replay value and easygoing lyrics so you can sing along to after your first play.

‘Shuperu’ embodies Afrobeast’s energy, who if you’re yet to be conversant with is one of the co-founders of the Dance With a Purpose (DWP) academy, Afro-Pop dancer and a surging Afrobeat/Dance artist.

Together with fellow DWP co-founder and dancer, Dancegod Lloyd, Afrobeast is readying to share their new joint tape “Akwantuo”, which already has singles ‘Corner Der’ and ‘EHEATI’ off the forthcoming collaboration.

Source: Francis Amissah, Contributor