All Christians have failed if Moesha goes back to the world – Nana Yaw Wiredu

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Sat, 17 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Nana Yaw Wiredu has called on the church to support actress Moesha Budoung

• The actress is now a born-again Christian

• According to Nana Yaw, a u-turn by the actress will amount to a failure on the part of Christians in Ghana

Entertainment pundit, Nana Yaw Wiredu, has stated that he will be disappointed in Christians in the country, should born-again actress Moesha Budoung find her way back into the world after her repentance.

Speaking on Bloggebrs’ Forum with host, Abrantepa, he noted that Christians must ensure that the lost sheep who has found her way back to Christ stays in the church.

The director at One Play Africa has called for the support of the church in Moesha’s new journey with Christ Jesus.

He said: “This is my stand I have taken, it is very dangerous but I will say it everywhere I go. If Moesha goes back to the world, all Christians have failed. I am telling you, I stand by it.

“The church whether fake or correct represents us… a certain love and a certain belonging will change Moesha’s approach. ...Who said being in Christ is boring. When I see people do that I get very angry, who said when you are a Christian, you must be poor and wear some kind of shoe or slippers, are you serious?"

Actress Moesha in a viral video stated that she had sold her possessions including her Range Rover adding that her bank account is also empty. It is unclear whether she gave out her properties to support the church following her conversion.

“I don’t have anything in my account. I have sold my car, I was even walking to go pick trotro… I was walking to go pick Bolt. I don’t have anything, I have given it out, see me, the way I am looking but me looking like this, I am happier than those days that you see me in driving Range Rover, travelling. I was not real, I was not a happy child,” Moesha revealed.

But reacting to this, Nana Yaw indicated that one must not accept the ‘poverty’ tag just to prove their love for Christ. “Who said you can not drive a Range Rover and feel cool? It is a wake-up call to all of us. I heard a young pastor on Peace FM say that Moesha has to go to the church for doctrine and a whole lot of things but Christians have used those doctrines and beliefs and that have become a base of division. That’s why gospel artistes can win Artiste of the Year yet they have to still fight to defend it in the public space.

“The division among us is gradually exposing us…I have heard this funny story where people are alleging that Moesha’s pastor has bewitched her, seized her properties and people are happy. Some have said that she didn’t attend a proper church… that’s why I said what I said that, If Moesha goes back to the world, all Christians have failed.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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