Amanda Jissih discloses the genesis of her feud with MzGee

Amanda Jissih and MzGee have not been in good terms

Sun, 13 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Amanda Jissih recalls uncomfortable instances with MzGee

MzGee and Amanda Jissih snub each other on social media

Amanda Jisseh calls out MzGee over TT’s leaked audio

Popular media personality, Amanda Jissih, has established that her rough relationship with MzGee has spanned over a long period, even before the Psalm Adjeteyfio saga.

Amanda made these statements while sharing her side of the story, regarding an earlier viral video in which they both snubbed each other at an event.

One can recall that after Amanda Jissih called out MzGee for allegedly leaking Psalm Adjeteyfio’s audio in which he was heard begging for 'leftovers.'

The two have since not been on good terms to an extent, they could not publicly hide their emotions.

But explaining their feud during a discussion with UTV’s United Showbiz, Amanda disclosed that it is not the first time she has been snubbed by MzGee at an event.

She said they have had a longstanding feud since the period they both worked at the Multimedia Group.


Speaking further, the former Hitz FM presenter said although she has made several efforts to patch things up with MzGee, she has always been unwelcoming.

While admitting that the cause of their friction remains a mystery to her, Amanda said it could probably be due to the fact that she and MzGee’s nemesis, Doreen Avio, are close friends.

“I can swear on any alter to tell you the truth that I don’t know what exactly I have done to her. Since our time at multimedia, I knew she had issues with Doreen Avio and Doreen was also close to me. Anytime I greet her, she snubs me and it went on for so many months but I didn’t take it personal and I stopped. It’s not the first time, anytime she see’s me at events, she snubs me. So when I read the comments on that viral video, it didn’t tickle me. Even if she makes mistakes, I can’t pick up a phone and call her and she won’t welcome me.

Amanda also explained why she called out MzGee.

“For TT’s issue, it’s not the first time he has publicly sought for funds. Where I used to attend church, I mean Badu Kobi’s church, we once paid his rent. So when I heard the audio, I was disappointed because there are some elders that are fond of asking for small monies to foot their bills. It’s normal.”

Watch the video below:

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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