Amerado finally gives reasons for ending rap feud with Obibini

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Sat, 21 Aug 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Amerado says his decision to not reply Obibini was strategic

Amerado wants to rather focus on his forthcoming EP

• Obibini has three diss tracks but Amerado refuses to release a second and third

Rapper Amerado has disclosed that he ended the rap feud between himself and Obibini to concentrate on more important things.

Amerado said the only benefit he gained from the beef is the buzz, which he has leveraged on to work on his new EP titled ‘Patience’.

Touching on his silence after releasing just a single diss track although his opponent unleashed three, Amerado said he was actively working behind the scenes.

According to the rapper, he remains unperturbed and focused regardless of the barage of criticisms against him following his decision to discontinue the battle for supremacy.

“Beef is not like a battle whereby a winner is declared after several rounds. I am the master of my architect, I have a team who plans what I do and I can choose to make a decision whether to drop a song or not. So far as I started it, it also means I can end it. For instance, let’s look at what happened between the likes of Cassidy, Eminem, JayZ, Nas. Or even let’s touch on the beef between Sarkodie and Manifest. Did anyone dictate to Sarkodie after releasing his first diss track? No!” he stated in an interview with Peace FM’s Halifax.

“What is necessary is that I take advantage of this game. When I hear people say they are disappointed in me for not dropping a second diss song, I understand perfectly well. I know Ghanaians love the culture and it has been a while since we witnessed a beef here,” he added.

Touching on some rumours that he backed out of the race because he exhausted all his lyrics, Amerado said;

“For someone like me who has released 37 episodes of 'Yete Nsem' every day, my lyrics can’t get finished just like that. If anyone says I lack lyrics then the person is a great liar who really does not know me.”

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com