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Any sensible person must vote for ‘one village, one dam’ policy – A Plus

Controversial artiste, Kwame A Plus is of the greatest conviction that the promise by the New Patriotic Party’s presidential candidate, Nana Akufo-Addo to build one dam in every village is viable and as such, every sensible person must vote for it.

Ahead of the December 7 elections, Nana Addo addressing traditional rulers at Bolgatanga in the Upper East Region promised to establish one dam in every village in the northern part of the country to boost agriculture through a well-planned irrigation policy.

His promise has been shot down by some people who believe it is not viable.

But A Plus who recently released ‘Abenbebom’, a song which cautions some officials of the ruling National Democratic Congress for mismanaging state resources, opines that the policy is feasible.

Speaking on Starr FM’s Morning Zoo, Saturday, A Plus said he has decided to vote for Nana Addo because he believes the leader of the biggest opposition party in the country has policies that will be beneficial to his descendants.

“The only thing I want to do is that the choice I make will benefit my children’s children. If you want to vote and somebody tells you that from time immemorial, all we do is for God to give us rain before we grow crops and that is not 21st century farming and so we are going to build a dam in every village. Not hydroelectric like Akosombo. It rains and water goes waste. So let’s store the water, so that in the dry season, we can still produce crops.

“Muammar Gaddafi put a river on the dessert; Ghana is not. Let’s create dams in the north so that in the dry season, there will be food to eat. This is very simple. Any sensible person must accept this; must vote for this. There are people going around driving V8 because 30,000 people voted for you alone. When you got the car, you didn’t tell your government that the people who voted for you still farm with cutlasses and hoes so if you’ve given me such a car, give my people two tractors so they use it to plough, so they use to grow crops. You can’t say that to the government. Someone says one district, one dam and you say it’s not possible but you can do one MP, one V8,” he noted.

Few days after A Plus released the ‘Abenbebom’ tune, abrantepa.com can authoritatively say that it has become an instant hit. The artiste for the first time performed the song at Dr Bawumia’s ‘State of Ghana’s Economy’ lecture and got the crowd sing along.
Source: abrantepa.com
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