Asakaa boys and DJ Slim expose each other

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Wed, 16 Mar 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

DJ Slim calls out Asakaa boys

This is why Asakaa boys are trending on Twitter

DJ Slim and Asakaa boys dirty each other on social media

The Asakaa boys have waged war against popular Kumasi-based radio presenter, DJ Slim, on social media.

This comes after DJ Slim called them out for blacklisting media houses and failing to grant interviews after they rose to fame.

According to Slim, he granted the Asakaa boys’ their first interview yet they turned their backs at him when they gained their feat.

“Their first radio interview was on my show. I can give you pictures of that. You should have seen Jay Bhad’s lean face. Ask Kwaku DMC and co. They thought Asakaa is just about drill music, sagging their trousers and so on. I didn’t charge for a dime when I interviewed them. I don’t roll with poor people but I didn’t charge the likes of Kweku Flick, Yaw Tog, Black Sherif and co for interview or promoting their works. You can ask them,” He stated in an interview with Polego.

Labelling them as ungrateful, DJ Slim, also alleged that the Asakaa Boys till date, still cry about less support from the media fraternity.

“Yes these people will go out and say that we have done nothing for them. I’m not saying that you should mention my name wherever you go. But atleast a little credit. They are not much of a gangster than 2PAC, yet he made use of the media. That was where I got upset. They are so disorganized to an extent that you don’t even know who to speak to when you want to book them.”

It was in this light that Jay Bhad angrily responded;

“DJ Slim gyimie no y3 more its okay rest. Fool you took money from us before interviewing us. Yet you’re talking about helping the culture. You have no facts put some respect on our name. Asakaa has done nothing to you yet you’re out here chasing clout,” he wrote on Twitter.

Following the back and forth on Twitter, the two have since been topping Twitter trends.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com