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Baby Essentials: 5 things we bet you don’t need on a baby list

Babies do not need a lot of things in the first month they are born. Here's a more practical baby list to help in your purchases for the new arrival.

There are a lot of online baby lists of what you should buy when you are having a baby. You might end up wasting money looking at how cute something looked and how beautiful it would look on your baby.

Don’t go spending on more than you need, babies do not need a lot of things in the first month they are born. This will help you be practical in your purchases for your baby.

Here are 5 things you definitely do not need on a baby list.

1. Size newborn clothes

Babies grow incredibly fast in their first few weeks of life. Some may fit into newborn size clothes for just a week, others may not fit into it at all. Try purchasing 0-3 months size clothing.

Don’t bother about the clothes being oversized, just roll up those sleeves and tuck in those shirts, your babies would grow into them. If you get newborn-size clothes, they will soon be too small and end up just wasted.

2. Newborn diapers

You are probably thinking your baby is going to need lots of those; well, relax, you might need fewer than you think.

Most hospitals usually provide these for babies during their stay in the hospital. Just get a few ( you never know). Don’t waste your money on these diapers, your money is better off buying size 1 and up diapers.

3. Baby shoes

Why waste money on something your babies can’t even use. We get that they are pretty and adorable, but think about it, your baby can’t even walk, why on earth would they need shoes. Opt for socks or footie pyjamas. Get shoes later for when they actually need them.

4. Toys

Newborns don’t need toys, let’s face it. Why bother buying them when they don’t even know what it is. Goodness, they are asleep most of the time, the toys will just take up space and waste your money. Children love to play with their cups and spoons, just give them that when they are old enough to actually hold a toy.

5. A fancy nursery

Don’t get swayed by the baby nursery posts you see online a lot. Babies don’t care if their nursery is the prettiest. They just care about you and your milk tank and recognize you by your smell for those few first months.

Ensure they have a comfy sleeping place, you can go ahead to keep their sleeping cot just by your bed, it’s not a must to get an extra room for a tiny baby and have yourself walking out of bed after every baby cry or being alarmed when you hear any door creak.

Remember, everyone has a unique lifestyle, assess yours before you go out spending money you can’t afford to lose. Raising a baby is really expensive. You don’t want to hate your life eventually.
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