Bloggers’ Forum: Black Sherif makes history with ‘Kwaku The Traveler’

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Sat, 9 Apr 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Black Sherif’s audience appeal has skyrocketed with the release of ‘Kwaku The Traveller’.

The song is breaking boundaries, topping world music charts, garnering record-breaking views on streaming platforms, and catapulting the 20-year-old to a higher pedestal.

On the back of this, the celebrated musician is being compared with some artistes but that appears to be in bad taste for some people on the basis that the comparison can breed enmity.

Join us on Bloggers’ Forum for a riveting conversation about the newest sensation, the strides he’s making and the comparison that has consequently erupted.

On the Free Your Mind segment, panelists, Nenebi Tony and Romeo tackles some other topical issues including Israel Laryea’s wife’s outburst. A livid Louisa Laryea verbally assaulted OB Amponsah on social media over a joke the standup comedian shared about her husband. She fumed that the comedian’s “Will Smith moment beckons” if he continues to be “nonsensical” in the name of comedy.

3Music Awards boss, Sadiq Abdullai’s comment that the concept of Black Sherif’s performance at the 5th edition of the awards ceremony was meant for Sarkodie but had to be handed to the youngster after negotiations with Sarkodie failed is also discussed.

Watch the show below as Abrantepa sits with his panelists.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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