Computer Man claims Joyce Blessing red-handedly caught husband in bed with one of her singers

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Sun, 12 Dec 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Computer man defends Joyce Blessing

Joyce Blessing hit with a paternity controversy

Controversy hits Joyce Blessing’s marriage

More damning allegations are being leveled against Joyce Blessing’s husband, Dave Joy, as a prophet has alleged that he was once caught in bed with one of his wife’s back-up singers.

Prophet Eric Amponsah popularly known as ‘Computer Man’ who made the allegations said he was called upon to resolve that particular situation.

Joyce Blessing has been in the news recently over reports that her ex-husband discovered through a DNA test that one of their children is not his.

The gospel musician has since been subjected to attacks and condemnation by scores of individuals following news of her alleged infidelity.

But the Computer Man reacting to the issue alleged that Dave Joy isn’t a saint.

Without any evidence to back his claim, Computer Man in an interview with Oman channel said: “Joyce once caught her husband in bed with one of her singers. Out of desperation she picked a taxi and fled to my house. I had to console her and help solve that issue. This is not all. Joyce Blessing’s husband has cheated on her severally but nobody spoke about it. Do you know what Dave has put Joyce Blessing through?”.

“There was a time I invited Joyce to come and sing in my church and she came with her husband. Her husband went out to visit the washroom and Joyce later went after him because he was taking too long. She finally met her husband outside making passes at other women. Her husband is a great womanizer and that has been Joyce Blessing’s major problem,” Computer Man added.

Although he did not confirm nor deny the infidelity claims against Joyce Blessing, the Hope Generation Ministry founder insisted that Dave Joy intends tarnishing the hard-earned reputation of Joyce Blessing.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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