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DKB’s ‘funny joke’ infuriates Nii Ayi Tagoe

Last Saturday, radio show host, Nii Ayi Tagoe, literally lost his cool. Obvoiusly smarting by the seemingly arrogant demands of an invited guest on his Rythms A-Z programme on Joy FM, Nii Ayi Tagoe asked bluntly who DKB, his guest who refused to turn up, thought he was.

According to Nii Tagoe, DKB (real name Derick Kobina Bonney), a stand-up comedian and a former Big Brother Africa housemate, had agreed to be part of that afternoon’s radio discussion on the state of live comedy presentations in Ghana.

Other guests on the show, Fritz Baffour, David Oscar, and Hogan, who are experienced players of that drama type, were making useful contributions when the name of DKB, came up.

That was when Nii Tagoe revealed that DKB had been invited to be part of the programme, but he had called shortly before the programme had taken off that his car had broken down. According to Nii Tagoe, when he suggested to DKB that he should pick a taxi to the studio on his account, DKB told him that he did not use taxis and that it would be better if a company car from Joy FM came to pick him up. This request, Nii Tagoe found rather unreasonable and asked who does he think he is?

But DKB has denied making such a demand. Speaking to Showbiz last Tuesday, DKB, who sounded rather let-down, blamed the whole incident on misinformation. While conceding that he had a transportation problem, he said he was only joking with the producer of the programme. “I had told him earlier that I would definitely make it to the show but when he started piling pressure on me, I told him in jest that he should come and fetch me. It was only a joke,” he said.

DKB told Showbiz that he takes his comedy business seriously and regretted that many people do not seem to be aware of what he and his colleagues in the business are doing. He revealed that he was working on his own comedy show that will debut soon.


He also said that on February 27, he will be starting a tour, ‘DKB Live!’ at the University of Professional studies in Accra.

On Last Saturday’s Rythms A-Z, it appears it was not only Nii Ayi Tagoe who was all ready to say things as they were. George Quaye, aka Aboagye, who has had considerable dealings with stand-up comedians as event producer called in to sting Ghanaian comedians, describing most of them as “wack”.

Quaye’ contribution to the programme, captured by joyfmonline quoted him explaining why his outfit did not use a lot more Ghanaian comedians. “Many Ghanaian comedians are not good enough”, he said.

He disclosed that he had auditioned several Ghanaian comedians over the years and “they were totally appalling.”

According to George, “I think most of our Ghanaian comedians are wack and they really need to go back and learn. They need to draw inspiration from our big dons like the Fritz Baffours, the Tommy Annan Forsons, the KSMs, they need to look up to the big dons in the industry, those that made it and draw some inspiration.”

Source: Kow Ahenakwa-Graphic Showbiz