DarkoVibes and Davido are the perfect team on infectious new song 'Je M’appelle'

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Mon, 18 Oct 2021 Source: Officer Skanks, Contributor

Ghanaian artiste, DarkoVibes, has released a new song titled Je M’appelle. The upbeat Afropop single features Nigerian singer Davido and was produced by award-winning Ghanaian producer MOGBeatz.

The direct translation of the song, Je M'appelle, doubles as a statement: “My name is” and the use of a French title is to pay homage to Ghana and her amiable relationship with all surrounding French neighbours.

The song may come off as just the ultimate party tune but there’s more to it. Through the melodic production, amazing vocals and an appealing rhythm, DarkoVibes and Davido manage to accurately represent the essence of Africa in the song: feel-good vibes, infectious energy and all-around positivity. There’s absolutely no reason why this song would not connect with all the different dance moves across the continent.

On the song, which seems to have hints of all the party themed genres, the artistes alternate between Ghanaian local languages, Twi and Ga as well as English and pidgin, creating the perfect tag team. They give off an impressive performance and their vocals complement each other smoothly throughout the song.

With the song comes a documentary and music video that carry a message. In the video, the artistes are decked out in Kente... a distinct type of woven Ghanaian textile with rich cultural value. It’s a fabric traditionally worn by royalty and people in high positions and has, over the years, gone beyond borders to become the stylish addition to many modern fashion pieces that seek to pay homage to Africa.

Much like the song, the kente is representative of Africa with its bold patterns, vivid colours and cultural identity which is why in the documentary released by DarkoVibes, he highlights and draws attention to the overlooked makers of this rich textile: the kente weavers.

Je M'appelle is not just a song. It's a statement to the people of Africa and beyond.

DarkoVibes is a Ghanaian born singer, songwriter and fashion enthusiast. He describes his music as experimental music where he blends different genres to form a distinct sound loved by many.

Get Je M’appelle featuring Davido on all streaming platforms and watch the music video and documentary available on YouTube.

Source: Officer Skanks, Contributor