Darkovibes shares his biggest problem with Ghanaian event organizers

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Thu, 28 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Darkovibes asserts that Ghanaian event organizers mostly fail to pay artistes

Darkovibes describes the refusal to pay artistes after a performance as his biggest challenge

Darkovibes shares an interesting experience with a Ghanaian event organizer

Popular afrobeat singer, Darkovibes has disclosed that receiving payment after performing at shows as a Ghanaian artiste is an extremely difficult task.

This he explained that most event organizers are mostly dragged and forced before paying artistes peanuts or sometimes no money at all after performance at events.

In an interview with Talkertainment host, Elsie Lamar, Darkovibes described the trend as his most difficult challenge so far.

“Charging money is the most difficult thing for me as an artiste. Charging for shows is very difficult here in Ghana. They don’t give you what you charge for or in some cases, they don’t pay you at all. What we take comfort in mostly is that, even if we’re not paid, we have fans that love us,” He stated

He also shared an unforgettable personal encounter where he wasn’t paid after a rigorous performance.

“I remember when I performed at an event and I was asked whether I want my future or I want the money now. They meant whether I want to invest the money for future use or I want to be paid instantly. I settled on the future option and to date, I haven’t received a dime.”

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