Delay is doing better than these 'borla birds' - Ayisha shades Afia Schwar, Tracey Boakye

Delay White 433.png Television Presenter, Delay

Wed, 15 Sep 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Ayisha has publicly praised TV presenter Delay

• According to her, Ghanaians need to protect Delay as she is one of the country's best presenter

• She also savagely called out Afia Schwarzenegger and Tracey Boakye

Television presenter, Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known in showbiz as Delay, has been acknowledged by talent manager, Ayisha Modi, for the efforts she puts into her show.

In a post sighted by GhanaWeb on her Instagram page, Ayisha, also known as "She Loves Stonebowy", disclosed that she has been monitoring the progress of the TV presenter from afar.

"On a real, Delay is not my friend but sometimes as people, we need to protect the names and hustle of people who are doing so well for the society from borla birds," she wrote.

Many have suggested that the "borla birds" in her post were directed at actress Afia Schwarzenegger and her new bestie, Tracey Boakye, who have been caught in a feud with Delay.

In reaction to Ayisha’s new love for Delay, social media followers have stated that she is once again in to inherit the enemies of people she is beefing.

Her post further read: "This is one person (Delay) that was able to give life to one miserable, useless bad witch whose only mission in life is to destroy good people in our society. Some of us won’t allow it. You think your big heavy drug-addicted mouth can also ruin the good name of people right? Your end is near. Just wait for it!!! They hate us coz they ain’t us! Don’t you hate it when someone bitches about you due to jealousy? Some sluts pimps who go around getting pregnant for people’s husbands have the guts to be talking shit. You idiots should wait for the big news. Blackmailers!!!. Who is dissing u la? Didn’t they see u very well. Rich women that wears 10gh clothes and shoes. If u like wear 10million dollars clothes, still will not look good on u girls."

As earlier reported by GhanaWeb, movie producer, Tracey Boakye, in a post disclosed that she became an enemy to Delay after declining her offer to be interviewed on the Delay Show.

"When we refuse to go for their interviews, they start to hate. I'm still not talking for one year," she wrote on her Instagram stories.

Also, Afia Schwarzenegger in a series of attacks on Delay called her "barren" and also used unprintable words on the TV presenter.

“Everyone knows that my name Agyeiwaa is accompanied with ‘Kode3’ which means an eagle. You are not an eagle. I am the eagle here. You think I have forgotten when you tried to throw yourself at Jonathan Mensah. What about the politician you slept with in exchange for a car? You represent barren women in this country. You’ve gotten rid of all your kids and now you’re frustrated. You are rather the borla bird,” said Afia in a video posted on Instagram.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com