'Don’t blindly emulate my expensive lifestyle' – Nana Aba Anamoah advises fans

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Mon, 11 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Nana Aba Anamoah said her expensive lifestyle is mostly sponsored by brands

• She has asked the Ghanaian youth to cut their coat according to their size

Nana Aba Anamoah has urged the youth to work harder and endeavour to be greater than her

GHOne broadcaster, Nana Aba Anamoah, has asked the youth to refrain from emulating the seemingly luxurious lifestyle of celebrities including herself.

In her view, the seemingly lavish lifestyles of most of these celebrities are either fake or sponsored by brands.

Speaking in an exclusive interview that went viral on social media, Nana Aba said people who try to copy her lifestyle should understand that most of the outfits she displays on social media are sponsored.

According to her, companies most often sponsor everything she wears from head to toe thus it will be disastrous if a financially unstable person emulates her.

“If you want to be like me, be a better person. Do not repeat my mistakes. Mostly, I do not buy the things I wear and post on social media. I do not remember the last time I remember buying my clothes, hair, watches, etc with my own money. Do not be fooled by what you see on social media,” she said.

Nana Aba Anamoah however urged the youth to work hard and prepare adequately for their future instead of struggling to live and feel like their favourites celebrities.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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