Don’t speak ill about Stonebwoy, he has done so much for me – Kelvyn Boy

Kelvyn Boy 66432.png Kelvyn Boy

Mon, 21 Feb 2022 Source: 3news.com

Despite their non-existing manager-artiste relationship, Kelvyn Boy demonstrated the utmost respect to his ‘Idol’ when he cautioned his fans from speaking trash about Stonebwoy.

During an interview on Hitz FM, Kelvyn Boy maintained that things may be rough between himself and Stonebwoy, but the respect remains intact. Even when the host tried goading him for a response about the alleged feud, he rebutted, “No, let’s not. I get this question every day. I don’t think it’s necessary. Today, I won’t answer this question because the relationship status is not important. The fact that everyone is talking about it, I don’t want anyone to come and talk about Stonebwoy.”

According to Kelvyn Boy, Stonebowy was once a strong pillar for his career at a point and for which he would always be grateful. And thus, plead that everyone should respect their decision and halt the attacks on Stonebwoy.

“Please, I will love my fans and everyone not to speak ill about me and Stonebwoy, please. He put me on so much, and I appreciate it all the time. The fact the issues came and everyone went their separate ways does not mean you can type something untoward,” Kelvyn Boy concluded.

Source: 3news.com
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