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Don't take abuse from your boss; being on TV isn't the ultimate - Bridget Otoo to journalists

Bridget Otoo slams 'heartless' bosses

Bridget calls for better conditions for employees

Journalist advises her colleagues

Broadcast journalist, Bridget Otoo, has charged journalists in the country never to condone any form of abuse from employers or bosses who threaten to take them off air for voicing out their grievances.

Bridget on Tuesday launched a campaign against owners of media houses who go months without paying the salaries of their staff.

She slammed them for their heartless behaviour, adding that these same bosses who fail to pay workers tend to live lavishly while staff suffer.

"You can never call someone who has worked for 3 months, or even 11 months without pay, anything short of loyal. Stop abusing your workers by hiding behind loyalty and pay them! They have families. How do you expect them to feed when their bosses are lavishly flaunting their wealth?" she quizzed.

The award-winning journalist lamented the unfair treatment usually meted out to her colleagues who protest or speak up over unpaid salaries.

She noted that their bosses try to silence them with threats and unnecessary punishment.

"Some of you see television and being on air as the ultimate dream that’s why you take so much abuse from your bosses! Small thing then these immature, emotional bosses will say “I’ve taken you off air” you won’t pay your staff when they agitate then you “punish” them by taking them off! But you will sit a government representative down and ask them why Teachers are striking? Why they won’t increase pay? when you are doing same if not worse at your station? Such disgusting behaviour!" read her tweet dated July 5.

Her comments come after a report indicated that the management of Excellence in Broadcasting Network (EIB) has directed some staff who took part in a protest over unpaid salaries to stay off-air.

Bridget Otoo has tasked senior journalists who are now in positions to do better.

"It makes me sad when those of us who went through an abusive system in a media house become abusers ourselves when we get the opportunity! Let’s do better."

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