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Edna Addo details risks involved in entertaining exes after marriage

Women admonished to stop having conversations with former lovers

Edna Addo warns couples against fake friends

The first step to recovering from a heartbreak is to put behind every memory of one's former lover even if it means avoiding their path until you have completely healed or gotten over them, Edna Addo has advised.

Edna Addo, an entrepreneur and regular guest on the relationship show for married and singles, 'Moan & Cuddles' with Paula Amma Broni, has admonished persons in committed relationships to desist from catching up with their former lovers from time to time all in the name of 'friendly dates'.

According to Edna, things of the past must not be entertained as they can cost you a beautiful relationship or marriage.

Speaking on the topic 'I wish I had dated more before marriage', she noted that a partner should be respected once they do not second to having their girlfriend or boyfriend hang out with their former lover.

"If your husband is not gonna be okay and there are going to be men there as well, just carry your husband along, have fun together. You can do trips and dinners with your friends but make sure they are friends that got your marriage and you in mind. Some friends don't even like the fate that you are married so whatever they'll do to put dispute between you and your marriage, they can do that.

"Let go of the past, why are you even having conversations with that person (ex-boyfriend or girlfriend)? An ex is an ex, let him stay where he was, the past. For me, I don't tolerate you if you're an ex. We don't go vibing, there's nothing we have in common anymore. In fact, I don't know you," she disclosed.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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