Drink Spiking: How to notice the warning signs

Wine Cheers.jfif Spiking involves injecting drugs into unsuspecting people or dropping a substance into their drink

Tue, 17 May 2022 Source: braperucci.africa

Going out on a Friday to have fun with your girls could turn ugly real quick with the number of date rapers on the loose these days. It could be a party. It might be the cute guy you met on that dating app that you want to go out with. It might not be as innocent as you think.

Spiking involves injecting drugs into unsuspecting people or dropping a substance into their drink, sometimes with the intent of making them vulnerable to rape or other crimes.

For women, drink spiking is not a joke as the people that perpetrate this horrible act sexually violate the women they drug. Thinking you’re just drinking juice and ending up dizzy, only to wake up in a bed without your clothes is nothing to laugh at.

There are safety measures to follow to prevent this phenomenon but given that you can't have an eagle’s eye on your drink all the time, you might not be able to avoid it entirely. You might leave your drink on the table to go use the washroom or your date might bring you the drink in a glass so it would be hard to tell if there are any drugs or alcohol in it.

In the case that you’re not able to stop your drink from being spiked or tampered with, carefully scrutinize your drink for any of these signs:

Foggy Appearance:

If your drink looks cloudy or different than when you left it unattended, it is best to get another drink since there is a high chance that your drink has been tampered with.

Too many bubbles:

Most drugs, when put in fizzy drinks or even water, produce bubbles before it settles down. Pour your drink away if it has unnecessarily excessive bubbles.

Ice that sinks to the bottom of drink:

The ice in your drink should not sink to the total bottom of the glass. If it does, do yourself a favour and get another one.

Changes in the colour of your drink:

Most substances that are used to spike drinks have the tendency to produce a slight change in colour after they dissipate. Alcoholic drinks like gin and vodka are known to make the drink a bit lighter than it's normally supposed to be. So if you ordered a red drink and it looks light pink when you come back from the washroom or the dancefloor, reconsider drinking the rest of it.

Take notice of all these signs and don’t hesitate to prompt people when you think their drink might have been tampered with.

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Source: braperucci.africa