Entertainment Sun, 14 Jun 2020

‘Ecstatic’ Shatta Wale fans besiege UTV premises at mid-night

The sight of him heading in their direction switched their mood from normal to frenzy with chants that represent the SM family.

It’s Shatta Wale, their god. The man whose Shatta Movement empire, they are proud members of. If he is a king, they are his subjects, if he is a President, they are his citizens. They love him and the feeling is mutual.

He will acknowledge the chants with a gesture that represents the SM Movement and their adrenaline level will increase a thousand-fold with the chorused chants getting louder.

The chants aplenty, from ‘Wale Wale’ to ‘pah pah’ to 'champion', they hailed their ‘king’ who also responded with gestures and smiles.

Earlier on, he said in an interview that his brand cuts across both the corporate and street worlds, and if one had doubts about his popularity on the streets, the presence of the hundreds of youth at the forecourt of UTV was enough evidence.

It was past midnight but these young men and women had besieged the UTV forecourt just to catch glimpse of their hero.

With Ghana’s coronavirus fight not showing any sign of improvement, the assumption is that people will opt against mass gatherings but here they were, jostling each other with no respect to social distancing protocols.

Nose masks were also non-existent but if worshipping their ‘god’ means, exposing themselves to coronavirus, then it is probably a worthy course to them.

With no police present, Shatta’s bodyguards had to form a human barricade to enable him exit the building for his car.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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