Fans disagree with KK Fosu’s '41 years’ age claim

KK FOSU3.png Ghanaian highlife singer, KK Fosu

Wed, 16 Feb 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

KK Fosu celebrates birthday on Val’s Day

KK Fosu’s age causes a stir online

Valentine's Day marked

Some fans have grabbed their calculators and begun doing the maths after highlife musician, Kaakyire Kwame Fosu, popularly known as ‘KK Fosu,’ claimed he turned 41 on February 14, 2022.

KK Fosu, whose birthday fell on Valentine’s Day, took to social media to celebrate himself with a short video loop which had, ‘Celebrating a vocal god. Happy birthday KK Fosu. KK at 41’, boldly scripted on it.

After he shared the post, some commenters doubted his age as they argued he is older than 41.

To some, it is impossible for the artiste whose career spans almost two decades to be just 41 years old. They believe the musician who has refused to grow is more than 41 citing the first time they heard his music to back their claims.

Others cannot fathom how 38-year-old Shatta Wale could even be almost the same age as the high-life veteran.

“Eeiiii K.K Fosu, you are 41 years S3n?? Na s3 when Bandana came out, you were a superstar and father as well. Now that gbeee Bandana is 44.....how old go be you?? 3yaa mo ny3 saaaa moate oh nti 60 no wo mp3 aaa...fa ma me, woate? Ago collect,” popular blogger, Thosecalledcelebs, reacted to KK Fosu’s post.

KK Fosu released his first hit song ‘Sudwe’ sometime in 2007 and has since blossomed. He is regarded by music lovers as a fantastic musician whose voice is able to serenade listeners and patrons of his events.

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