Entertainment Sat, 1 Jul 2017

Fatau Keita urges artistes to be positive influences on society

Young Ghanaian artiste with international recognition, Fatau Keita, has called on his fellow artistes to use music as a tool for educating the public on issues affecting the society.

Reacting to concerns raised by a section of the music stakeholders about the low patronage of Ghanaian music works on both local and international market, he stressed that the industry has tolerated a lot of bad songs and “it is about time artistes put their heads together” and write good lyrics to shape the society.

Fatau Keita added that because music is the food for the soul, it must be prepared well to shape the lifestyle of people.

He expressed great distaste for his colleagues who use profane lyrics and advised that they should rather focus on using good lyrics which can positively influence the lives of people in the society.

The ‘My Baby’ singer also called on radio and television station operators to be mindful of their role as gatekeepers of society and be circumspect in what they play on air.

“Most artistes have failed to climb the ladder of success in the fast-growing music industry because they entered the competitive industry with a view to a mass wealth first and not to do people a service,” he mentioned

Source: dailyguideafrica.com