LifeStyle Mon, 19 Jul 2021

Find out to what extent people can go when they’re obsessed with you

Jason Caesar, a Creative Executive with Perception Management International (PMI), has enlightened on some levels of obsession and shared a few tips on how to handle someone who is obsessed with you.

He explained per his understanding that obsession is a strong, insane feeling towards someone or something which can go to the extent of not being able to cope without that thing or person or even to the point of being unable to live without that person or object of obsession.

Jason noted that obsession is not totally a bad thing because although its negatives appear prominent, it has its positive sides as well. He also mentioned that there are levels when it comes to obsession and further on the interview with host, Nana Yaw Odame on Men’s Lounge, he detailed these levels.

“Stalking, where the person constantly follows you everywhere on social media and even sometimes physically keeps tabs on you is a level of obsession. There are also cases where people actually self-harm. When they feel they cannot get the person they want, they can slit their wrist or any part of their body. That is a very intense level,” he said.

Jason again added that some people can also go to the extent of damaging properties in their homes just because they are obsessed with someone and cannot have them. “You’ll go to the person’s house and you’ll realise that their TV is smashed, plates are broken in the kitchen and a whole lot. These are all levels of obsession and it borders around psychology,” he disclosed.

Moving on to how one can handle a partner who is getting too obsessed, he resolved that communication is the best way.

“For instance, if your partner keeps calling you all through the day to check on you and it’s being a bother, you can tell them nicely that within these hours when you’re at work, it’s not that you don’t want to talk to them but you’re quite busy so you’ll call when you’re less busy.”

He advised that when one has an obsessed partner, it is best to constantly assure them that they have nothing to fear because you’ve got them and this can help control their constant worry and obsession.
Source: etvghana.com