Finding a body in a lion's den doesn't mean it killed him - A Plus

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Tue, 30 Aug 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Controversial socialite, Kwame A Plus, has expressed his disbelief in the death of a middle-aged man killed by a lion at the Accra Zoo.

According to A Plus, finding a body at the zoo is not conclusive evidence that the lions killed the deceased.

In a Facebook post shared on August 29, 2022, he said, “Leave it to the police to investigate and come out with their findings. What if he was killed and thrown in there?

“I find it difficult to understand how Gyata had food and left it to go and wait for another food from its keeper. Please, there must be some proper investigation into this matter.

“You cannot conclude that because a deceased person was found in a lion’s cage, he/she was killed by a lion. That is extremely pedestrian; finding a dead body afloat doesn’t always mean the victim drowned,” he wrote.

He, furthermore, requested authorities to get an autopsy done, and if there was water in the dead man's lungs, this will prove he indeed drowned as reported.

“There must be an autopsy to find out if there is water in the lungs to prove whether the victim was breathing (alive) at the time he/she was in the water or died before he/she was thrown in the water to conceal evidence, etc…. same must be applied in this very case. Let the police investigate,” he concluded.

This statement follows an August 29, 2022 report that a man had died after jumping into a Lion's cage.

The reason for him going into the cage still isn't known as investigations are underway to unravel the mystery surrounding his death.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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