First wives experience trauma with the introduction of new women - Polygamous men told

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Sat, 21 May 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

The polygamous African man discussed on GhanaWeb TV’s Moans & Cuddles

Cecilia Anno-Barnieh explains why first wives mostly end up bitter

Caleb Nii Boye expresses view on polygamy

In parts of Ghana and Africa, polygamous marriages are normal, however women who oppose their husbands' decision to take a second or third wife, end up heartbroken and bitter when things don't go their way.

Ghanaian actress, Cecilia Anno-Barnieh has noted that first wives who had lovers and side chicks of their husbands being introduced into their marriages had to battle emotional traumas, especially when they didn't sign up for that.

Cecilia, speaking on Moans & Cuddles on GhanaWeb TV with Paula Amma Broni, explained that it is no woman's dream to share her home with another but when it happens they have to endure the pain although they sometimes feel cheated.

"Our mothers went through a lot of trauma. Every mother had a lot of trauma. The ones that side chicks and all these people were introduced into their marriages. All of these women were introduced to trauma. They have a lot of anger and when you speak to some women, they are bitter. They have a lot of regret, anger and pain they went through.

"This is a very painful situation and I think we are ignoring the emotional and mental health side of it. Bringing another woman into a marriage is very emotionally catastrophic for the first wife," Cecilia noted.

Speaking on the topic 'The polygamous African man', Caleb Nii Boye, another guest on the show, also charged men who wish to have multiple wives to makes sure they have enough money to cater for a larger family.


He however noted that a man can take in a second wife even when his first partner objects.

"The best a man can do when that zeal of getting married comes up, it is only proper you discuss with your wife but you and I know that when you tell your wife, she will not agree.

"At least make the move, if she doesn't agree, of course, you are the man of the house. If only you are financially sound, that's the caveat. You can't just get up and go marry any woman because you have the zeal," said Caleb on Moans & Cuddles.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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