‘Fix a date for severe beatings’ – Sista Afia to Efia Odo

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Sun, 3 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

• Sista Afia is poised to teach Efia Odo a lesson and wishes to do so through a brawl

• She has regrets about letting her off the hook when their paths crossed

• She believes Efia Odo would refrain from telling lies if she had assaulted the actress

Without mincing words, Sista Afia on national television, Saturday, said she regrets not beating the hell out of Efia Odo when they met at an event.

Her decision to not physically assault Efia Odo, she posited, is what has given the actress the impetus to spew lies about her. Believing so much in her prowess and sounding combative, Sista Afia said a “talkative” Efia Odo would mellow if the altercation turned physical.

“When I got to the venue for the DSTV event, I met her right after climbing the stairs. The first thing I told her was ‘when should I beat you? I’m tired today so give me a date’. She knows I can beat her but because I have a family, because of my fans, I don’t want to do anything crazy again,” Sista Afia expounded.

“I even regret not beating her that day because if I had beaten her, she wouldn’t have come on national television and be talking this crap. She always plays the victim and I hate people like that. You claim to be a bad bitch but call a lawyer when someone is about to beat you. You don’t know the definition of a bad bitch so don’t use that,” she continued.

The incident occurred on UTV’s United Showbiz when Efia Odo was giving her account of how their feud began.

Recounting the genesis of their feud, the actress and video vixen traced the root to an incident that occurred almost a decade ago. Efia Odo said she once made a comment about the appearance of Sista Afia which bruised the singer’s ego. She recalled posting Sista Afia and rapper Eno Barony on social media and expressing her reservations about what they wore.

“About 8 years ago when I was in America, I had not even been to Ghana; I saw a picture of her and Eno and they had these boots on but it was a see-through boot so you could see the sweat. I didn’t like the outfit and I was like ‘don’t these people have a stylist?’ I put it on Snapchat, I didn’t know who she was really so I think her friends or followers sent the snap to her. I guess she got upset with what I said,” Efia Odo narrated.

Efia Odo’s account triggered a phone call from Sista Afia who vehemently disputed the narrative.

“She’s lying. I wish I was there. If I were there, she couldn’t have lied”, Sista Afia retorted. “She knew who I was before she attacked me. She’s a liar. She didn’t diss Eno; she rather dissed me. Honestly speaking, she’s very annoying.”

According to Sista Afia, she was told that Efia Odo attacked her in the said post because she [Sista Afia] was close to Shatta Wale.

Although they settled their differences some months ago after they both apologised to each other, their feud gained prominence in the media last week after Sista Afia commented on Efia Odo’s post which sought to enquire why celebrities were flaunting iPhone 13 Pro Max they had acquired as though the product were such an accomplishment to many Ghanaians.

Efia Odo maintained that Sista Afia is not her friend and should not reply to her posts with insulting remarks.

Meanwhile, the host of the show, Abeiku Santana, rebuked Sista Afia for having called for a fight. The two female celebrities later apologised to each other.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com