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‘For better for worse is just an Ananse story’ – Osofo Kyiri Abosom

Rev. Christian Kwabena Andrew, popularly known as ‘Osofo Kyiri Abosom’, has bemoaned how Africans have blindly adopted the ‘foreign culture of marriage’.

Buttressing his point, the Life Assembly Worship Centre founder, said for instance, the ‘For better for worse’ phrase is an illusion Christians have inherited from Westerners.

He made these statements while explaining reasons for keeping two wives and the role they both play as pastor’s wives in his church.

In an interview with Delay, Kyiri Abosom was asked how he handles the presence of both women during church service and he answered,

“My wives are helpers, they are supposed to help me move forward in life," he said in the yet-to-be-aired interview.

Delay probed further by asking about their sitting position, as some churches usually permit pastors’ wives to sit next to their husband.

“So, when you sit on the pulpit, do the two of them sit by you”? Delay asked.

Kyiri Abossom replied: “What will they sit beside me for? Are they pastors? They are my wives so they should sit where the members sit."

Delay further asked, “So do they come to church at the same time, on the same day?"

Kyiri Abosom responded, "Yes, they come to church, why won’t they? Blacks have this mentality. We need to renew our mindset and move forward. Let’s stop listening to the ‘For better for worse’ Ananse stories."


Earlier, while publicly announcing his divorce to his congregation, Osofo Kyiri Abosom admitted to having a child outside his marriage.

"It is all because I, Kyiri Abosom have had a child outside our marriage. You should see the child. She is so beautiful, I will soon outdoor her. My partner sent the matter to court and fought for my property. She has sent the matter to different courts...I want you to tell her that our marriage is over...when I was called into ministry, she wasn't in the picture. She is free to go...there are a lot of beautiful women out there and when I need them, I will call for help," he stated.

Following the development, Rev. Kyiri Abosom encountered severe backlash, particularly after his wife, Princess, took to social media to spill more secrets about his ‘adulterous’ habit.

Among several allegations, Princess expressed disappointment in her husband and what she described as his chronic attitude of sleeping with any woman he comes across, including their house helps.

"My husband has fathered a child with none other than two of my maids. He secretly married both of them on the same day. I had no idea what my husband had done. Both women went through IVF. He did it for both of our housemaids," she earlier disclosed in an interview with GHPage.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com