Former backup singer for Daddy Lumba reveals how they met

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Mon, 27 Sep 2021 Source: myxyzonline

Ateaa Tina, one of the soothing female voices behind Daddy Lumba’s songs has revealed how she met the legend.

Speaking with JKD on the Xzone show on TVXYZ, the singer revealed that she met Daddy Lumba through her manager who happens to be Daddy Lumba’s sound engineer.

“I met him through my manager at a time Kweku Mensah who was a sound engineer for Daddy Lumba,” she revealed.

Explaining how the linkup was made she said;

“We were based in Holland at a time and Daddy told him he needed a backup vocalist and he said he had this young girl that he wanted him to try. I think she will be perfect."

Watch video below:

Source: myxyzonline