From Bloggers' Forum to E-Forum, 'Abrantepa' Benefo Buabeng captains the ship

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Tue, 12 Jul 2022 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Benefo Buabeng is a Ghanaian multimedia journalist. For over a decade now, he has worked in various capacities across multiple domains in broadcasting and digital journalism with overlapping duties in public relations, brands management, events promotion and emceeing.

Affectionately called Abrantepa, he combines creatively, written and oral skills to produce compelling media products for his audience. He is a graduate of the University of Ghana with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Theatre Arts.

His ambidexterity as regards multiple media domains accounts for his versatile journey from a student journalist trained in the art of radio production and broadcasting at University of Ghana campus-based Radio Univers, to Editor at the most influential digital media organization in Ghana, GhanaWeb.

Abrantepa started off modestly as a reporter at the oldest university radio station in Ghana and rose through the ranks to become lead producer, anchor and editor of several high-profile shows on the Radio Univers platform, consolidating his position as a formidable broadcaster. In recognition of his industriousness, he was adjudged Radio Univers Personality of the Year 2013 at the University of Ghana Community Excellence Awards.

In his final years at the University of Ghana, he started and managed a digital news platform (Abrantepa.com) dedicated to curating Ghanaian entertainment and pop-culture, thus, transitioning him further into commercial new media journalism. In this space, he worked with big digital media brands like PulseGH as Entertainment Editor and currently serves as Head of the Entertainment Desk at GhanaWeb.

In his current role, Abrantepa offers a unique blend of sociopolitical (current affairs) and entertainment (pop-culture) journalism positioning him as one of few to operate within the politics and culture nexus in Ghana. Since 2020, he has been the host of arts and entertainment talk show Bloggers’ Forum, now E-Forum on GhanaWeb TV.

Abrantepa combines his astute knowledge of politics and culture with his background in Theatre Arts to steer controversial, yet progressive discourse in Entertainment. On E-Forum, he assembles thought leaders and practitioners in the entertainment and showbiz space to deliberate and interrogate lifestyle, culture, policy, etc. and how they relate with and promote arts and tourism more broadly.

As a publicist and media consultant, Abrantepa has managed many creative brands and personalities. He is also a two-time Academy Member of the 3Music Awards.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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