Funny Face cried, begged God to take his life in cells – Kofi Adomah

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Wed, 20 Oct 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Funny Face wept like a baby in cells

• He begged for God to take his life

Funny Face was recently arrested over threats he made

Popular TV presenter, Kofi Adomah, has disclosed that at a point, Funny Face, who is currently behind police cells, cried and pleaded with God to take his life.

Kofi Adomah who witnessed Funny Face’s arrest shortly after he granted him an interview at his studio, said from all indications the comedian at the moment feels worthless and lacks the strength to keep pushing.

According to the Kofi TV CEO who paid a visit to Funny Face, he was duly informed that the comedian had been crying ever since he was taken to the cells.

“Some of his inmates confessed that last night that Funny Face has been crying since they brought him in. At a point, he gathered his cellmates and asked them to pray. Drowned in tears, Funny Face begged for God to take his life. Funny Face felt so low, he feels worthless,” he stated during a discussion with his colleagues on Angel FM.

Narrating what ensued after Funny Face was whisked away by the police from his presence on October 18, 2021, after his interview with him, Kofi Adomah said:

“I went to Nima police station where they first kept Funny Face but he wasn’t there. I proceeded to the police headquarters and I was tossed up and down all over the place. At a point, I was even asked to go to the anti-armed robbery unit. I went there and I was given all the details to his whereabouts. I was told they took him from the Nima cells and sent him to the police headquarters. From there, he was taken to his house and the whole place was searched. They were in search of any form of weapon since Funny Face allegedly issued threats to some people. They found some bullets in Funny Face’s room and they returned to the house. He took some of his medicines as well.”

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