Ghana’s music royalties system has been a complete 'sham' since independence – Appietus

APPIETUS NEW.png Popular music producer, Appietus

Thu, 29 Jul 2021 Source: www.ghanaweb.com

b>• Appietus said the music royalties collection system in Ghana is nothing good to write home about

• The music producer said the situation has been in existence since independence

• He has asked musicians not to rely on monies from GHAMRO

Popular Ghanaian sound producer, Appietus has lamented the ‘failed state’ of the collection of music royalties’ in Ghana.

Sharing is opinion on the issue, Appietus said the music royalties collection system in the country has been in shambles since independence.

Asked musicians not to focus or depend on the already ailing royalty system, Appietus said;

“In this country the royalty system isn’t that good so if that’s what you depend on then it will worry you as a musician or sound engineer. Because if you look at musicians in the system even before us, they’ve complained about the same thing since we had independence. The story hasn’t changed so there’s no way anyone should put their focus on royalties maybe in the future it’ll be better but for now it’s in shambles."

Appietus made this comment in an interview with Kastle FM.

It can be recalled that scores of music stakeholders including young musicians have described music rights collection society headed by some veteran musicians including Rex Omar, Diana Hopeson as incompetent and only focused on amassing wealth instead of being concerned about the wellbeing of members.

The likes of Dada Hafco, Kwaw Kesse, Akoo Nana, Kwame Aplus and many others have bemoaned the poor state of the Ghanaian music industry under the watch of GHAMRO.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com
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